Web presence today is not only having a digital footprint. They are equal to a physical store as well as a solution to business problems. They provide basic information and also act as an effective tool to implement many business strategies.

What PHP stands for, or a recursive acronym for it is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is the most widely adopted open-source general-purpose scripting language which best suits web development and can be easily embedded into HTML. Earlier, it used to be known as Personal Home Pages, giving it the universally used acronym, PHP. It offers a variety of benefits to businesses and otherwise, that want a dynamic website in the highly saturated market that partly functions through its virtual existence.

There are multiple reasons for PHP being the first choice of many PHP developers. Flexibility, ease of use and ease of learning are some benefits that make it a preference over other languages. Although, not only PHP but most other languages become monotonous and repetitive. This is where a PHP framework will come in handy.

Why use PHP?

A few of the many advantages that PHP offers are:
• It supports Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and more
• It is compatible with servers like Apache and IIS
• It’s easy functions, methods and syntax enables smoothness in development
• It runs on most platforms like Windows and Linux
• You can integrate it with open source software like Joomla, Drupal and more
• It supports database management systems also.

All in all, it is highly beneficial for any business trying to make their presence felt in the virtual world with a compelling website that is not only easy to use and navigate through, but also easy to develop in the initial phases of a business.

PHP Frameworks

In a nutshell, PHP frameworks streamline web applications developed and written in PHP by implementing a basic structure. These frameworks enable rapid application development to reduce the amount of repetitive coding for PHP developers. These frameworks are perfect for developing stable apps by ensuring genuine database interaction and coding on the presentation layer. Time is of an essence and to save this resource, these frameworks allow you to focus and channelize your effort and skill on creating the actual web application, instead of wasting time in writing lines of repetitive code.

The idea behind this useful tech is called MVC (Model View Controller) which is an architectural pattern in programming that confines business logic from the user interface allowing separation between the two. This is ideally called separation of concerns.

Scope of PHP development

The areas where PHP development will deem useful are as follows:
• Server-side scripting: This is the traditional match for the use of PHP benefits. PHP parser, a server and a web browser are enough for functionality. The server needs to be run with a PHP installation. You can also access the PHP program even through an output with a web browser, with an output accessible through a web browser, or it can also be viewed through a server.
• Command-line scripting: There is also a provision to run a PHP script in the absence of a server or a browser. Your only need is a PHP parser. These scripts can be used even for simple text processing tasks.
• Writing desktop applications: When it comes to creating a desktop application with a graphical user interface(GUI), PHP might not be your best bet. but, in case you have a PHP developer who is equipped with the ability to use advanced PHP features, they can use PHP-GTK to write those programs. This comes with additional benefits like the ability to write cross-platform applications.

All in all…

PHP frameworks are boon for developers to eliminate the need for repetitive coding because how PHP works is that it speeds up the developing process, and also ensures precise coding while the developers develop web applications. The way how PHP code is parsed is through these frameworks that are designed to equip development with the richness of outcomes, of applications while it tightens security by reducing risks of bugs in your coding.

Due to its forgiving nature, even for beginner and intermediate level developers, these frameworks ensure a learning curve that other languages might not be able to provide. While some PHP experts deem it debatable to have need of using frameworks, it is the most ideal solution when time is of the essence, and deadlines are tight.

There are multiple and a variety of frameworks available today, giving PHP developers more options that could fit their needs pertaining to features, support, speed, scalability and much more.

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