1. Book a ride- (Now or Later)

The “book now or later” feature is the primary feature that your Uber-clone app should incorporate. With the book now feature, the users can easily get their rides and travel from one place to another. With the book later feature, users can book their rides for a future trip.

You must have the following input to book the ride

  • Pick-up location
  • Drop location
  • The type of vehicle the user wants to select
  • The time and date, in the case of the book later feature

Book later is a very helpful feature for the user about to leave office, home, or going for a doctor’s appointment, they can easily schedule a ride or make an advance booking for the ride, so they don’t get late.

Therefore, it is the most important feature of a cab booking app that taxi startups or businesses can consider when developing an Uber-like app.

2. Real-time tracking for driver

When users are unknown about their driver, they feel don’t feel comfortable. This feature willhelp the user to track the way so they can relax and enjoy their journey. Also, it would improve their overall experience of traveling in your cab. You should include the real-time tracking feature into your app with the help of GPS integration.

The feature will enable the users to track the driver’s location and which way he is traveling. In case, the driver has not moved from a particular location or, they are taking a long route, the users can always call them and direct them to the pick-up location. This makes life easy for the users as well as the drivers.

3. Allow others to follow ride in real-time

Safety comes first for any person, and the riders always feel safe when they can share their ride details with someone close to them. If you allow for the feature in your Uber-clone app, then you have won over your audience’s trust. The idea is to allow someone else to keep an eye on the route taken by the driver, and also let someone know if you have reached home safely or not.

Also, it would help when you are new to the city and unaware of the route. Sharing the detailscan also help you get an idea of whether or not the route taken by the driver is right or not. The person with whom you are sharing the details will also give insights into the route taken by the driver.

4. Multiple payment options

Not everyone is comfortable paying via cash or card for the ride they take. Some riders don’t carry cash while, a few others are wary of sharing their card details in the application. The best way to make it easy for the riders is to include multiple payment options and allow the rider to select from the different options available.

If the person wants to pay using a mobile wallet, then you should give them multiple options to make the payment.

You should offer online as well as offline payment options to the user. In some cases, you should also allow the user to opt for prepaid and post-paid rides and allow them to choose thepayment method they find most convenient.

5. Preferred driver

A regular Uber rider who takes the Uber rides for their office comes across several drivers, and after a point, they start having preferences based on their experience with the drivers. Theapp should also allow the users to choose their preferred drivers as that would help them be the owner of the choice and will give your business an added advantage.

When the user goes to book the ride, always ask them if they have a driver’s preference. This will appeal to them and allow them to choose from the past drivers they have had for the ride to the office. If the driver is available, the app will automatically allow the ride to them.

6. Add multiple drop-off points

Traveling with friends? Each of you lives in different locations along the same route. Allow the user to select multiple drop-off points on your app, thus making their life easy. When you are booking your ride, make sure to add the multiple stops that the driver will have to make along the route. This can be added to the destination itself.

In case your user has to change the drop-offs during the trip, make sure your app allows the same.The app should calculate the fare accordingly. In case you want to split the fare with the friends, make sure to choose the option “Adjust on the Go” feature, which adjusts the fareas the trip proceeds, and you change the drop-off locations.

7. Driver review and rating

Why a driver’s story is important for the users? You get to know more about the driver who is driving you to the destination. The reviews and ratings tell you a lot about how the driver is, how they behave and whether they offer a good experience to the riders or not. The users who have ridden with the driver in the past will share their feedback, and help you know whatto expect.

This is one of the important features of the Uber App. You should allow your users to give honest feedback about the drivers. This will also help you look into what made the experiencegood or bad. In case, you need to improve something, you can do so with the help of the reviews and ratings that the users have given out. The reviews and ratings are an excellent way of improving your business.

8. Trip history

In this feature, you can know the ride details, including how much you will be charged, how much you had spent on Uber rides, you can see details of your past route, the driver details, and other such things. Well, the trip history feature is an important aspect of your Uber-clone app.

Make sure you store the user’s trip history and make it available in their profile. At the same time, trip history should also be a part of the driver’s app. This will help both of them check into the trip details as and when required. The driver will be able to track their past earnings with the trip history.

9. In-app chat or call option

There will be times when the user would want to connect with the driver to know their whereabouts or to direct them. in some cases, the user would want to chat with the support team. The in-app chat or call feature helps them with these things. For example, if the driver is unable to find the address, then they can make the call or chat with the customer and find out the exact address or get the directions.

10. Save destinations

In case you are going to choose the same destinations in the future, then instead of typing the same destination again and again, you should save the destinations. This would save time andyou can book your rides and manage them faster.

This feature enriches the overall booking experience that your rider gets with the app. You can save the places by giving them appropriate names such as home, office, second home, etc. You can simply save the details and then just add them to the destination when booking. Your app will recommend these destinations to the user.


Developing an app like Uber is not an easy task. You need to decide the target audience for your app based on the app idea you have and the segment you are planning to cater to. Apart from defining the plan and the strategy as well as the ultimate goal of the app, you must plan for the Uber app features that you should include in your ride-sharing app. Make sure that you include these ten features as they are basic to the Uber-clone structure.

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