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Business Strategies|

"Replacing distinctive IT strategy with a strategy that blends in a harmonious set of
corporate strategies designed to assist the organization to act as whole"

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a constellation of intricate processes including data mining, predictive modeling and and machine learning in order to asses data from the past as well as present, to make accurate predictions about the future. For Businesses, this can help improve decision making manifolds by analyzing data and presenting opportunities, risks, potential, etc. The scope and applicability of the technology to diverse industries has attracted attention from across the world.

We at Zenocraft, help business build and deploy smart predictive analytics solutions that enhance capabilities and empower you in staying one step ahead. Our deeply experienced team brings to creation, cutting-edge solutions based on your existing data, processes, market patterns, etc. to help improve decision making, functionality as well as profitability.

  • Efficient production : Organizations can easily indulge in forecast for inventory, production rates, and use previously accumulated data to estimate failures. The aspect of error-free production makes it highly efficient and a popular choice.
  • Competitive advantage : In today’s world of saturation, it becomes inevitable to take the competition into consideration in order to stay afloat in the sea of similarity. Customer data gives an insight about how they make choices and banking on them to soar ahead of the competition.
  • Fraud detection : Through the function of recognising patterns in behavior, it becomes easy to detect and track anomalies and prevent avoidable risk.
  • Consumer satisfaction : To understand consumer behavior has been a task not only business owners, but even psychologists have been studying for ages. Predictive analysis is a piece of tech that helps you form a better picture of your customers and pin-point their needs to tailor a provision which will make them loyal towards your business.

Our Services

Application Services

Application Development Services with unparalleled experience in creating custom stable, robust and extensible solutions adding value to your product offerings

Infrastructure Services

Zenocraft helps you assess, transform and manage your critical IT infrastructure more efficiently, guaranteeing round the clock peak system performance and availability.

Professional Services

Zenocraft' contingent workforce management services are modeled around providing you with quality resources that seamlessly integrates your organization and the internal control required to meet your technology objectives.

Our Expertise

Hire a dedicated developer

In the dynamic environment, the need of the hour for companies keeps on changing. The present period might demand skilled data analysts while the upcoming requirement could demand a senior developer to handhold a new venture, and this is inevitable.

For organizations that work with a tight budget, getting into the rigmarole of screening and recruiting personnel for limited period roles could spell chaos, on both financial as well as administrative ends.

Hire Resources

Software   Development

Software development has come to become a complex process involving many different processes including designing, testing, programming, planning and delivering. When done right, these softwares and application have the potential to drive businesses, both small and large, to great heights. Thus, the challenge is choosing the right service provider. Your parameters should include, a company with sound experience, strong knowledge base, expert and dedicated teams, all with the knack of thinking out of the box and creating a software that provides its user with an experience to remember.

Well, we know it, because we do it everyday. With all capabilities mentioned above, we hail with a large and satisfied client base that have received superior quality applications, with the right balance of productivity, cost-effectiveness and seamless support.

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