Yii is an open source framework that has matured with time. It is PHP based and is utilized for creating large and complex web applications. This frame work is composed in PHP5 and uses a component based MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. Along with features like built-in caching support. This makes Yii the ideal choice for a large spectrum of websites including e-commerce, forums, portals, as well as content management systems and RESTful based web services.

Yii Development


Zenocraft is home to an enthusiastic team of Yii developers that are backed by extensive knowledge and experience of Yii custom development, integration, e-commerce and web applications development.

This has enabled us in becoming one of the best service providers in this domain. With our team and their success with numerous Yii based projects, we provide immensely creative and efficient solutions through Yii PHP open source web development. Give it a try!


Highly Customizable

This framework offers seamless customizations that can utilized to create exactly what the user needs.

Modern Tech

Yii is an Object-Oriented framework which enables great compatibility with advanced features including SPL classes and interfaces, late static binding and anonymous functions.

Effortless Migration

The migration utility facilitated by Yii brings thorough control over the database transitions while changing versions across installations.

Easy Installation

Installing the Yii framework is hassle free and saves valuable process time for better and faster results.

Faster Development

With Yii, all the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations happen using gii tool, which means faster development and greater security.

Greater Security

Yii brings great security to the table. With its security components, it increases security manifolds while offering some of the most advanced features for validating and authenticating passwords for users.


Zenocraft  is referred to me by a trustworthy friend.  After reviewing it’s website, I decided to give yii2 project a try.  I am happy to say I was not disappointed.

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Chiefs RS

Chiefs RS is an online multiple restaurant management system that enables online booking for users, and confirmation and table allocation for the manager.