Team Engagements

We’re as good as our team and our performance resonates with the team’s performance. To ensure that they’re always on top of their game, we invest largely in them through diverse activities at regular intervals.

Events and Celebrations

The team at Zenocraft is more of a family and just like families, we make sure to come together and celebrate festivals, special moments, accomplishments and also, weekends!

Shift training and working methodologies

Our clients are spread across the globe. To cater to them all, our dedicated teams receive thorough training and experience in different working cultures, methods and timing such that they can quickly adopt and perform flawlessly.

Technological Updates

Technologies are dynamic and keep evolving. To leverage these innovative technologies and serve our clients better, each member of our team receives extensive training with the latest technologies in Yii, Meteor JS, Express.js, Zend, Django, Ruby, Laravel, Elixir, etc.

Creative Discussions

Creativity is a key aspect to our success and gives us the competitive edge. As a standard practice, members of team partake in creative discussions on a regular basis, discussing creative solutions, case studies, sharing ideas and embedding them in our services on different levels.