Cake PHP enables web development with way less coding. It is based on core PHP and offers a versatile database access layer and a seamless scaffolding system that makes the process equally simple for both, simple as well as complex systems.

CakePHP Development


Similar to our expertise with different frameworks of PHP, we have garnered thorough expertise and knowledge with Cake PHP. Through our proven skills in different projects, we boast of great results in working with custom development, web application development, integration and e-commerce development. Talk to us if you want to leverage the power of CakePHP for your project.


MVC Pattern

The modern programming needs Model View Controller pattern and Cake PHP utilizes the same for creating harmony and performing efficiently across various levels of development.


Object Relational Mapping is utilized to curate different kinds of data into one specific genre. This system works great with Cake PHP and significantly decreases the need of composing SQL codes.


Cake PHP supports numerous, quality plug-ins, and allows the user in re-utilizing code and building on existing facility with an array of amazing features.

CRUD Scaffolding

This feature helps save valuable time by allowing the user to create, modify and update at any point of time, while providing extensive control of the production dynamics.

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